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We’re personal, seamless, reliable and act with the utmost discretion.


We offer a wide range of services, if you have a particular requirements just ask, we’re here to help.


Our top-calibre close protection officers are here to keep you safe, 24/7. Highly qualified and extremely vigilant, they are first choice for celebrities, politicians and business leaders.

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It goes without saying that our chauffeurs are excellent drivers and navigators, who will get you to your destination quickly, in style and comfort. But these days the role tends to be more diverse and wide-ranging.

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House managers make sure that their client’s household runs as smoothly as possible. They anticipate the needs of their employees, and always have their privacy, confidentiality and best interests in mind.

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In larger households, when overseeing a team of domestic staff, butlers are often referred to as house managers. However, in a smaller set up, where they are the sole employee, their role is more of a valet cum personal assistant.

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A personal assistant or private secretary looks after the day-to-day running of a busy client’s life. This might involve keeping his or her diary, arranging travel and appointments, handling correspondence, paperwork, and more besides.

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Pennon provide individuals and teams to ensure your house runs smoothly every day. Duties include cooking, cleaning, laundry, gardening, maintenance, dog walking, running errands.

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Pennon provide experienced, highly capable crews for luxury yachts all over the world. Whether you need an accomplished captain, a first-rate chef, engineers, or deck hands, we’ll find the perfect staff to see that everything’s shipshape.

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Estate Manager

Also called an estate director, this role encompasses responsibility for all estate staff, plus accounting, bookkeeping and more. If the estate has farmland, it might also include overseeing livestock and arable operations.

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